What could you achieve if your board got better?

As a volunteer board member you have questions. Are we doing what we are supposed to be doing? Are we functioning as well as we could? Maybe you are wondering whether you should speak up about concerns you have or let them go. You might even be wondering if it is time to resign.

It can be difficult when you have time and energy to give to a cause you care about deeply, but it doesn’t feel like you are getting anywhere. You need your efforts to matter. You need help from someone who values what makes your group special and is not selling an expensive one-size-fits-all solution.

If you can imagine a more well-functioning board, where the governance responsibilities are being done more effectively, meetings are more productive, between-meeting communications are more efficient, and it feels more like the board is contributing to the advancement of the organization’s mission rather than just creating work for itself, then you have come to the right place.

How Healthy Is Your Board?

The Board Doctor’s Wellness Test is a 10-question screening tool that will help you assess whether everything is mostly on track, or whether your board could use a shot in the arm!  The truth is that even very healthy boards of directors could use some help from time to time, an evaluation to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. Take the free Wellness Test now and get results from The Board Doctor.

The road to better board health starts here.

We start with identifying the specific areas where your board can improve and connecting you with shareable information about how healthy boards function. After that, if more hands-on help is needed, The Board Doctor can provide that, too.


The Board Doctor has created two different self-assessment tools to help board members determine what, if anything, can be done to help their board get better.


The Board Doctor offers both free and paid resources to help you learn more about achieving optimum board health. Many are designed to be shared with your board colleagues.


The Board Doctor offers customized training for your board or association, document review, and support for board development and growth planning.


The Board Doctor offers one-on-one virtual Tele-Board-Health consultations for those with specific questions.

The Board Doctor’s Kit: 10 Webinars for Board Success

This all-new 2022 bundle includes the full suite of 10 webinars from The Board Doctor’s popular Governance Webinar Series. These webinars are offered individually at $129 each from another nonprofit learning site, but Cathy has bundled the whole package together here to give you all the tools you need to bring your board to optimal health for just $149.

Have a quick question?

Same day appointments are available!

Sometimes all you need is an hour with The Board Doctor to pick her brain and get answers to your burning questions. Maybe you need a quick prescription to solve a crucial problem.

Use this option to schedule an office visit with Cathy. Come alone or bring members of the board—up to five participants total. Same day appointments are often available.

Meet Cathy Allen

“The Board Doctor”

Cathy’s mission is to help the volunteers who serve nonprofit organizations as board members to understand their unique role, embrace their responsibilities, and organize their work for maximum effectiveness and minimum headache. Whether you work with her one-on-one or simply make use of the resources she has gathered here on this website, her goal is to make sure you have the information and support you need to help your board get better.

Cathy Allen in doctor coat with stethoscope

What Clients Are Saying

Wondering if your non-profit would benefit from bringing in a consultant? It will! Wondering if Cathy is the right person for the job? She is! Cathy transformed our Board and our organization in both measurable and immeasurable ways. She is skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and able to quickly assess the needs of a group and put forth actionable next steps. She drills down, makes specific (and robust) recommendations and will absolutely make your organization better. Bonus? She genuinely cares about making a positive impact. I would gladly work with Cathy again. She’s a rockstar!

Sarah Meyer
Executive Director, Friends of Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge

What Clients Are Saying

“A few years ago, several of our founding board members retired after recruiting new board members. The new board members were inexperienced and unclear about exactly what we were supposed to be doing as a board. Our secretary arranged for Cathy to give us a presentation at one of our board meetings and we knew right away what we could do to improve! Over the next year, we developed our mission and vision, gained clarity about our board roles and responsibilities, and recruited several newcomers who brought energy and great ideas to the organization. We have also upgraded our financials, grown our membership, redeveloped our website, and hosted some fun events. We still have more work to do but we now have solid plans for our organization’s future.”

Dani Bowers
Board President, Friends of the Enchanted Forest

What Clients Are Saying

“This new board self-assessment tool is great. I love the opportunity to say that a particular item is or is not an issue for us. Each organization has its focus and this gives the person taking the assessment the chance to articulate that. You have created a tool that will work with both new and experienced board members while offering the option to drill down on their responses and add additional comments. The Board Doctor’s Annual Checkup is without a doubt meaningful, thought provoking, and purposeful in its intention to build and strengthen a board so they can carry out their organization’s mission. Well done!”

Beverly DeMeyer
President and CEO, Serene Harbor

What Clients Are Saying

“Board strategic planning is not an easy task. It can be scary to evaluate yourself and make sound plans for a growing organization. However, The Board Doctor knows how to provide sound consulting and a relaxed environment for planning retreats. She made our Board feel at ease during a stressful time and helped us become more prepared for the future.”

Kendra Cope
Executive Director, Coastal Connections, Inc.

What Clients Are Saying

“Although I had worked in nonprofits for years, I was new to nonprofit management when I signed on as Executive Director five years ago after the organization had gone through a difficult period. One of our board members had met Cathy and brought her in for a board training session. Over the years she has helped our board mature and become more functional. They now focus on their governance role and leave operations to staff. The journey is not over, but The Annual Checkup has been a great way to get us back on track each year. Our organization has never been stronger, even during a pandemic. I’m not sure where we would be without Cathy’s guidance and coaching.”

Tracy Frampton
Executive Director, Florida Wildlife Hospital

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