What Is Your First Step?

A good doctor needs to do a bit of listening before determining what is ailing the patient and prescribing solutions.


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The Board Doctor's Annual Checkup

The Wellness Test

The Board Doctor’s Wellness Test is a 10-question screening tool that will help you assess whether everything is mostly on track, or whether your board could use a shot in the arm!  The truth is that even very healthy boards of directors could use some help from time to time, an evaluation to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. Take the free Wellness Test now and get results from The Board Doctor.

Initial Visit

The Board Doctor would love to hear all about your organization. Complementary 15 and 30 minute calls or video chats are offered for anyone who wants to talk about what’s ailing their board. If Cathy can help steer you in the right direction, she will. You can also learn more about how The Board Doctor helps boards get better.

The Board Doctor’s Annual Checkup:

A Board Governance Self-Assesment

Facilitated self-assessment is a great way for a board of directors to evaluate their performance against a set of standards, identify where they are performing well and not so well, and then make decisions together about what, if anything, to address.  The Board Doctor’s Annual Checkup was designed to guide boards through this important process.


Simple Step-by-Step Process

Board Members Complete Confidential Online Survey. Board members receive a link to The Annual Checkup via an online survey tool. Each person assesses the board’s performance in the privacy of their own home or office, clicking their response to each of the 100 checklist items and also providing as much  explanation as they choose. Individual responses are kept in the strictest confidence.

The Board Doctor Prepares an Assessment Report. Once everyone has completed The Annual Checkup, we compile the results item by item and prepare an analysis. The report highlights areas where the board is doing great (green), any areas of concern (yellow), and areas where immediate action is recommended (red.) The Board Doctor, LLC will suggest some individualized high-yield action steps to help you improve the performance of the board of directors.

Access the Patient Portal. Everyone who completes The Annual Checkup will receive a user name and password for an area of The Board Doctor’s website which provides further information about each of the 100 items on the checklist. Board members wishing to know more about a fundraising plan, for example, can go to that page and link to curated articles related to that topic, even download a template. This subscription will be active for a year following completion of The Annual Checkup.

(Optional) Results Are Presented in the Boardroom. Participating organizations have an option to bring The Board Doctor, LLC directly into their board room – in person or electronically – to review the results of The Annual Checkup and facilitate discussion. In one short hour or two, board members can ask questions, share their perspective further, and  make decisions together about what, if anything, they wish to address as a result of their self-assessment.

Are You Ready For Your Annual Checkup?

The first step is to contact Cathy by emailing her at Cathy@TheBoardDoctor.org or using the button below to schedule a free 30 minute appointment to talk it through.

The Board Doctor's Annual Checkup
A Board Governance Self-Assessment 

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Individual Version

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When you are ready, the place to start is by scheduling your debrief meeting with Cathy. The schedule system will then take you to pay portal and from there you’ll receive a link to the self-assessment questions.

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