A Board Governance Self Assessment

Sometimes a board member would like to see where the group is against a list of governance best practices without asking everyone on the board to participate in the self-assessment. That’s why The Board Doctor makes The Annual Checkup available for just one individual to do on their own.

  • Same 100 Question Checkup
  • One hour debrief meeting with Cathy
  • Recommendations for priority action
  • Access to The Board Doctor’s Community


Sometimes an executive director or an individual board member wants to evaluate the board’s performance against a set of standards but has not yet convinced their colleagues of the need to go through a whole self-assessment process. That’s why Cathy is now making The Board Doctor’s Annual Checkup available to individuals.  You’ll get the same set of 100 questions, the same subscription access to the item-by-item resources for further learning, and a one-hour meeting with The Board Doctor to review the results.