Use of Email Policy

Updated July 2022

The Board Doctor, LLC recognizes the value of private information shared by those who use one of our forms to contact us, download a resource, or register for an event. We want everyone who enters their name and email address into one of our forms to feel comfortable that it is safe.

We will never sell or give away data or abuse the privilege of having it.

The Board Doctor, LLC uses Constant Contact for nearly all outgoing email communications. Three exceptions are 1) those that are individual and generated one at a time from Outlook, 2) those that are related to The Board Doctor’s Annual Checkup, which is powered by Zoho, and 3) those that confirm an online meeting, which is powered by Calendly. These services all have strict rules about “spamming” and will not allow users like The Board Doctor, LLC to add email addresses without permission. All outgoing Constant Contact and Zoho emails include “unsubscribe” buttons that allow recipients to opt out of future communications.

Those who sign up for The Monthly Dose will never receive more than one newsletter within a calendar month.

Those who register for a webinar will receive an auto-generated confirmation email at the time of registration, an email with login information the day of the event, and a follow up email with a link to the recording and handouts following the event. Webinar registrants who are not signed up for The Monthly Dose will receive one further email with a link to that sign up form and information about upcoming webinars. After that, those who do not sign up will not receive further communication.

Those who purchase The Board Doctor’s Annual Checkup or other products, or who take the Wellness Test, or download a free resource, will receive an auto-generated email confirmation with their download. Three follow-up emails are then generated, 4 days apart, providing information about other free and paid resources. Those who do not sign up for The Monthly Dose will receive no further email.

Special Note: Those who register for a webinar or other event through Facebook or LinkedIn will be manually added to the event registration in Constant Contact so that the correct pre- and post- emails can be generated. This does not cause automatic sign up for The Monthly Dose unless the person specifically checks the box allowing that (LinkedIn only.) All event-related email will include a “Please Sign Up” button for registrants to use to add themselves to the monthly newsletter.

Questions or requests for further information can be addressed to Cathy Allen at