Ever feel like you are the only one who cares about being an effective board member?


Wish there was a simple way to know whether or not you are on the right track?


Finding it difficult to find “high-quality guidance and support” that feels right for your board of directors?


Well, look no further!

We get you, we are here, and we invite you to join us!

The Board Doctor’s Community is a network of board members from small nonprofit organizations. We are a community of learners, people who want our organizations to achieve as much as possible, and we are willing to share what we know with others. Community members learn together, celebrate each other’s victories, and brainstorm solutions to each other’s challenges.


Webinar on laptop screenAt least twice each month, Cathy delivers a Members-Only live webinar, complete with Q&A. Recordings are made and posted for those who can’t attend live. Dates and times change quarterly.

The following six are offered exclusively to Community Members on a rotating basis:

      • The Board’s Role in Fundraising
      • The Complete Board Handbook
      • Strategies for Effective Committees
      • Governance is the New Nominations
      • The Ten Attributes of a Healthy Nonprofit Board
      • Building and Maintaining a Great Board of Directors

In addition, Cathy will offer “pop up” presentations as suggested by community members. Got something you’d like to know more about? Join the community and suggest a topic. If Cathy can’t present the material herself, she may recruit a consulting friend or former client to come in to give a talk.


Office Hours

Twice each month Cathy hosts an ‘Ask me Anything” session with members of the community. No subject is off limits. Come talk about your board.

Direct Messaging

The Circle platform operates much like social media in that there is an opportunity for community members to communicate privately with each other or with Cathy.


The Member Forum works like a social media group feed where any member can create a post that others see and comment upon. In this way Community Members can ask questions, share resources, celebrate improvements made, or just vent! Cathy makes a priority of checking the forum each day and responding to any questions she can. She likes learning from group members, too, as they respond to each other. Recent posts have been about succession planning, accountability for volunteer board members, and getting ready for a board retreat. What questions do you have? Come ask us!

community people puzzle pieces
resource library


Over the years, Cathy has gathered and curated an enormous treasure trove of articles/blogs, handouts, and sample documents related to the well-functioning of nonprofit boards of directors. Community Members will never again craft a policy document from scratch or wade into thousands of search results on the internet. We’ve got it all for you in one central location! Organized according to the 10 sections of The Board Doctor’s Annual Checkup, Community Members will find tools for getting a head start on each of the 100 items from board responsibilities to committee descriptions to staff evaluation forms and more. 


The Board Doctor’s Community is powered by a platform called Circle which is sort of a cross between a website and social media.

The Board Doctor's Community

Anyone can click in to find the public spaces:

A Welcome space that incudes an introductory video, community guidelines, orientation to the platform and membership information.

Free Resources including downloadable pdfs and more. Watch as this section grows month by month.

Our Upcoming Events space includes the schedule for webinars that are open to all, starting with a monthly offering of Governance 101: Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members.

Visitors will be able to see our Members-Only spaces but not access them. (Clicking on one will take you to a subscription paywall powered by Stripe.)

The Board Doctor’s Community has two categories of members.

Client members are board members or staff of nonprofit organizations that have hired Cathy one-on-one services. 

Subscribers will pay a monthly fee of $35 or a quarterly fee of $100 to gain access to all of the Public and Members-Only space.


Buying a subscription is as easy as clicking on the button below, choosing how long you want to be included, and entering credit card information into the secure system powered by Stripe.



This is a good option for those who want to check out the Community for a short time. Renews automatically, but can be cancelled anytime through the billing tab on your account.


$100 for any 3-month period

We recommend this subscription because the six live webinars rotate quarterly and because three months is just about the right amount of time for most folks to explore the resources, get their questions answered, and connect with others.


$350 for the year

This is a good option for organizations that have more than one board member who wants to participate. Community members can come for a quarter and then hand the membership off to a colleague.


Priced individually as one-on-one services, the resources above add up to well over $2000.

  • Six Live presentations per quarter at $250 each = $1500
  • Six Office Hours per quarter at $99 each = $594
  • Individual access to The Board Doctor’s Annual Checkup = $99 (The downloads in the Resource Library have never been made available for sale.)

So for one quarterly payment of $100, subscribers get shared access to all of those resources plus direct communication with Cathy and exclusive access to recordings of live events.

Best of all, Community Members are part of a network of board members of small nonprofits – people who share the same hopes and concerns for their organizations and are looking for support and guidance.